As a means to reach all those purposes thus arranging all kinds of activities which mentioned in the program of developing inclusive education for early age children. Sort of activities are:
  1. Development of Inclusive – Early Childhood Education Laboratory
  2. Education
  3. Research and development Inclusive-Early Childhood
In specific those activities could be clarify as:
  1. Development of Inclusive – Early Childhood Laboratory. It happened as the matter of the existence of Inclusive – Early Childhood Laboratory,  Faculty of Psychology Gajah Mada University.
  2. Education Education program which developed in Inclusive – Early Childhood are:
    1. Children care center Children care center designed for children within 2-4 years old whether they were special needs or normal children.
    2. Consultation and communication within the executive, teacher, and parents in early childhood education center.
    3. To provide stimulation.
    4. Development and procurement means of educational toys and children library.
  3. Research and development Research done periodically and focuses on development of early childhood, education for early childhood and all matters related on it in accordance to create holistic children development.