Indonesia is a country which comprehends with a lot of tribes and cultures. It is believe that culture as an influence that shaped behavior. Each culture has norm and behavior control as well as different kind of way to express them. Diversity of norm and regulation about how to behave sometimes influence a conflict, because of miscomprehension or misunderstanding from each party. It is require mutual tolerance and willingness to learn about habit and behavior of one another to prevent conflict in the future. Tolerance is something which does not appears since we were born. Tolerance is one need to be learned and acquire through cumulative of someone’s lifetime experience. Thus, it needs to grow and develop tolerance attitude to children during their early childhood.   During early childhood, children need a lot of stimulation mainly from their very close environment which is family. However there is not many environment which provide instruments and stimulation that is enough for children development. Thus, early childhood education that is well managed could be a partner for parent to educate their children to reach optimum development.   It is interesting to pay attention that until today early childhood education kindly inclined towards development on normal children. For children whose experience difficulty on their development whether it is simple or serious, there were not many alternative for them. Mainly for children that experience simple difficulty during their growth, interaction between normal children in their same age will emerge to copy. Inclusive program form of one way to developed and engrafting tolerance attitude, somehow in inclusive program children might learn in togetherness in a group activity. Normal children play and learn together with the special needs children. No matter the children were gifted, unable to hear, unsighted, down syndrome, or autism.   Early childhood education is one way to form stimulation which based to strove intervention to create an environment within early childhood then it could stimulate in all aspects of children development. Inclusive education is one form of education which accommodates well education to all students by neglecting all kind of differences upon them. In inclusive education, all children will treat the same, they will get the same chance and reward to play and learn in togetherness.   Based to that idea, Inclusive-Early Age Childhood Education Laboratory Faculty of Psychology, Gajah Mada University designed to accommodate all activities that well integrated from the side of education for teacher, facility in the course of intervention of form and technique of holistic education for child development, nutritional  stimulation efforts for sufficient nutrition and took care of children health, research to developed more creative activity, as well as forming society interaction in general and parents in specific in order to create early childhood development in inclusive activity. The Purpose
  1. A laboratory to examine education development for early age children in inclusive way in direction to make a research. Research about variety, character, method given to early age children.
  2. As an exploration center, research to the variety of toys that fit for inclusive education.
  3. Propose an instrument for inclusive early childhood development.
  4. Generate a place as a center of referral and consultation about inclusive education for early childhood.
  5. Accommodate training for nursemaid, teacher, and also as research center for whom that concerned and interested for development and education meant for early childhood.